January 06, 2017

Have you grown tired of your look or fancy mixing up your style? Seen some inspiration on Instagram but are unsure where to begin... We are here to help! We have some tips, technique advice and recommended products to help you to achieve a new and exciting style.

It is important to consider your facial shape and hair when finding a style which suits you and can also be achieved in your everyday lifestyle. 

Having the correct product for the style is essential! 

With many brands and products to choose from it is first important to have an understanding of what products are suitable for what style and hair type. Using the correct product can have a vast impact over texture, hold and appearance of your hair.  

  • Pomade is the perfect product when trying to create a slick, neat and shiny hair style. Its greasy texture helps to mould hair into difficult to achieve shapes. Pomades will not dry out or harden on the hair, which is perfect especially if you have naturally dry hair.

  • Clay is a good product to use, especially if you have thin hair as it swells when in contact with water, ultimately adding thickness, making hair easier to shape and structure. Clay allows for a more natural style as it has little to no shine. Its matte appearance makes the product great for day to day, natural yet styled hair. 

  • Grooming Spray is a quick and easy way of setting and holding styles. It is a buildable product which allows you to apply as much or as little as you like depending on the hold you want to achieve. Grooming spray can be used on damp hair before styling or when hair is dry to fix the style in place. 

  • Texture Powder allows for instant volume and a natural lightweight hold without using too much product. Texture powder can be used as a pre-styler and works well with a pomade or paste to define and structure your hair style.

  •   Hairspray can also be used alongside another product or on its own once you are happy with the style to ensure it maintains its shape throughout the day or night! You can choose from a range of holds and hair sprays which promote shine or volume, but make sure you choose the right one for you.

7 of our Top Tips:

  1. Parting your hair can change up your whole look and create a completely new range of styles for you to experiment with. You can either use your fingers or a comb to part the hair depending on the style you are going for. Using a comb allows for a more sleek and structured appearance. 

  2. Wash hair regularly to avoid a build up of product, and remember a little goes a long way. It's better to build up the product than have too much as this may be too heavy and limit the hair's flexibility! 

  3. Paste, Wax and Clay work best in dry hair. 

  4. Wash and blow-dry hair into shape before applying product.

  5. Use a Sea Salt Spray to achieve a soft beach like texture all year round! 

  6. When applying product begin by warming the product in your hands and work it through the hair starting at the root through to the ends to achieve an even coverage.

  7. Using your fingers to work product through the hair allows you to have more control over the hair and style. Using your fingers or a comb helps to separate and evenly distribute the product, creating shine and hold.

Recommended Products: 

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