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Arguably one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, the classic quiff continues to be increasingly popular even in 2016. After receiving numerous queries from customers and followers alike asking for advice on how to create and style the perfect quiff, we have finally created a step by step guide along with recommended products to help you to achieve this simple yet effective style.

Many people assume the quiff is made impossible by their hair type, texture or length but we think it is achievable for anyone with the correct styling equipment and products!

Creating the perfect quiff

Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. This will not only help to remove any access oils but also add more volume to the hair. Be sure to focus the conditioner only on to the ends of your hair opposed to directly on the roots, this will make the hair easier to style and shape.

Gently towel dry your hair until damp. Your hair should still be damp to the touch but not dripping any water.

Once you have towel dried your hair, evenly distribute a small amount of gel or pomade to the ends of your hair using a comb or the tips of your fingers. Remember to only use a small amount of product as if too much is applied it can weigh down your hair making it more difficult to style!
The best product to use will depend on your individual hair type. We recommend:
  • Sea salt spray for soft and thicker hair types as it provides a dry, matte hold.
  • Gel provides a lightweight yet firm hold, this is particularly good for fine hair.
  • Wax creates a very firm and strong hold making it easier to maintain shape with difficult, uncontrollable hair.  
Your hair will now be ready to blow-dry! Begin using your quiff roller to direct the hair into shape and follow the brush through with your dryer. We recommend setting the dryer at the highest temperature setting and the lowest speed. This will enable you to have more control over your hair, you can increase the speed once you become more confident.
When your hair is 50% dry, repeat this method on the opposite side or continue to shape your quiff in your desired direction.

Once your hair feels completely dry and you are satisfied with the shape use a brush or combto perfect the look to your liking and smooth any imperfections using a small amount of hair pomade.

Depending on the look you are aiming to go for a strong-hold hairspray will help to keep your quiff in perfect shape for a longer period of time.
Products we recommend
  • Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller
  • Layrite Grooming Spray
  • Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade
  • Uppercut Deluxe Hair Comb

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May 19, 2016

Perfect, got a video to make it more easier to picture, as I did’t quite get the part where the hair is damp and how to apply the small amount of pomade to the hair.

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