August 02, 2016

Growing and maintaining your beard takes some serious time and dedication!

Once you have decided to grow a full beard you can choose the desired length, fullness and shape of your beard. With a vast range of products and tools the modern man is fully equipped ensuring the beard looks the best it possibly can. Maintenance is key, particularly in the initial growing stages (this can make you want to give up!).
Fear not as we have some tips and advice to allow you to create and achieve your desired look, looking after your skin and precious facial hair at the same time.


Growing a beard is as easy as putting down your razor and playing the waiting game... or so most men would have you believe. The fact is there is a lot to consider when deciding to grow a beard and the maintenance that follows once you are happy with the length, shape and style. This guide should have all the guidance and advice you should need, making the beard your wearing something to be proud of.

First Stages

We would strongly recommend starting from scratch! Having one last shave before your beard begins to grow will allow you to properly cleanse your skin of dirt, excess oils and dead skin. An exfoliating face wash will not only nourish skin but encourage facial hair to grow in the correct direction; avoiding ingrowing hairs and skin irritation. Finally, use a good quality shaving lotion which will moisturise your skin and allow for a cleaner, closer shave.


As your beard begins to grow your skin may become itchy, ride it out! Try to avoid itching as this can cause further irritation. Beard oils and moisturiser help to combat the itchy sensation, these products will also allow for a natural shine, softer, less coarse hair and a healthier looking beard as it continues to grow. On average it takes around 3 months to fully appreciate your beards true potential and fullness. If you prefer a less shiny appearance which is achieved by using beard oil we advise leaving the oil on during the night as this will still allow you to achieve the nurturing benefits!

Shape, Shape, Shape!

The trick is finding a shape that suits your beard. It can be difficult choosing a style for your beard with so many different looks to choose from. We advise that once you've chosen a specific style to stick to it, it can take a while to achieve the look you desire but ride it out and you'll be pleased with the result! Don't hack in to your beard... it can be so tempting but it can result in you ruining the progress you've worked hard to achieve. The Beard Bro Shaping Toolallows you to shape your beard with guidance. It really is a must have for any bearded gentleman.

Take care of your beard

Growing a beard takes time and dedication, don't put your hard work to waste by not treating your beard properly. Use specialist shampoo and conditioner designed for your beard. These products will help to cleanse, soften and untangle long, knotted and course hairs in your beard. Brushing or combing your beard will impact its appearance dramatically allowing for a smart, shaped beard with a healthy shine, perfect! 

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