August 02, 2016

Moustache's need TLC just the same as looking after your beard or your hair! Your 'tache will take time to train, shape and style and these 5 tips will help to ensure yours always looks at its very best. Whether you are in the process of growing your moustache or you've been growing it for a while it is necessary to look after the skin and hair by trimming, conditioning and treating it with good quality product and maintenance.

Follow these 5 easy tips when growing or maintaining your moustache:

    If you have just started growing your moustache we recommend starting by trimming the ends using clippers or a beard trimmer until the hair is even and at the desired length. When you are happy with the length graduate from these tools to a good quality pair of facial hair scissors. Use the scissors and a comb to trim around the mouth area and remove any stray hairs, remembering to only trim when the hair is dry and clean. After you have trimmed the hair you can begin using your comb, along with a little wax to shape, style and even your moustache out. This will also help to remove any fluffiness!

    Scrub & Clean
      It is important to exfoliate the skin under your moustache to remove any access dirt, dead skin cells and unwanted food! You can do this by reguarly using a facial wash or scrub. We recommend Anthony's Facial Scrub as it uses white sand to remove dead skin cells which is even suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. In using a facial scrub it prevents ingrowing hairs and promotes hair growth in the correct direction!

      Wax & Treat
        After time and dedication spent on growing your 'tashe look after it and treat it to some moustache wax. The wax will allow you to give it some more definition and achieve the shape you intended. The wax comes in lots of different manly scents and is a real treat for you and your moustache... but remember a little goes a long way!

        Moisturise & Hydrate
        Your moustache will draw moisture up from the skin and therefore it is vital to keep your skin hydrated to prevent the skin becoming dry and itchy. When the skin becomes dry it can flake causing dandruff. This is avoidable by massaging a good quality mouisturiser on to your face on a daily basis, focusing on the skin underneath your facial hair. 

        Manage Your Twizzled Ends!

        Keep your 'tashe tamed by using moustache wax to hold your twizzled ends and achieve a sharp and styled look. Up-turning the ends of the moustache is a popular style for many moustached gentlemen and the key to achieving the look is in the motion and through the correct product choice. To achieve this look you should take a tiny amount of moustache wax and rub between your index finger and thumb using a snapping motion to twizzle the end.

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