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Beard Brushes

Many beardsmen are set in their ways with choosing combs over a brush. Combs do an excellent job of detangling and training your beard hair. However, after learning about the health benefits of using a boar bristle brush, you might consider throwing both into your daily grooming routine.

The benefits brushing your hair, and in this instance your beard, regularly are proven time and time again. For starters, brushing regularly increases the blood flow to your hair follicles. More blood flow promotes healthy, and even sometimes faster growth.

Brushing you beard with a boar's hair brush can help break up any debris that get's caught in your beard and on your skin. This is also beneficial if you regularly use styling products in your beard or hair. Believe it or not, a stiffer brush can actually help unclog pores if used often enough.

Since the brush takes the oils off of your scalp or face, and distributes it evenly on the hair and beard strands, your hair strands will be given an extra shine. Coating your hair strands also adds a layer of protection to your hair and keep the strands from becoming brittle and splitting or breaking. If you have a dry beard, and tend to need more beard oil or beard balm, the boar bristle brush can benefit you as well.

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