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Beard & Moustache Combs

A beard comb is one of the most under utilized, under appreciated grooming tools on the market. This essential piece of equipment can be used for a multitude of purposes. Combs are great for detangling those stubborn fly-away hairs. It is also used to style your mustache and keep the hair out of your mouth. Constant and consistent combing of the 'stache will actually train the hairs to grow in a certain direction.

This is also pertinent to styling the rest of your beard. Since beard hair tends to be a bit more wiry than head hair, it is vital to train the hairs to grow the way you want them to grow.

Another important attribute of a nice beard comb is the ability to aid in applying conditioning products such as beard oil or beard balm. For most guys, especially those with longer beards, applying beard oil or balm with your hands doesn't quite cut it. Although your skin might be amply moisturised, you beard still needs to be lathered from end to end. Using a comb to rake the product through the beard is a great way to guarantee your beard will be properly moisturised.

Proper combing is essential to get the best results out of your comb and other beard products. You'll want to comb your beard upward starting from your neckline. Work your way through the different layers of your beard which will fluff you beard out. While your beard is in a fluffed up position, go ahead and apply any beard oil or beard balm. Now run the comb the opposite direction and lay the beard back down to a natural look. You can also use a boars hair brush for this step if you're rocking a shorter styled beard.

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