Inside of their pursuit to change the way society views beardsmen, Beardbrand have formulated and developed premium products that help keep our beards, hair and skin, healthy, luscious, and ready to show off to the world. But beyond just giving their customers products that they feel are beneficial to their aesthetic improvement, Beardbrand are proud to say that they are meticulous about the ingredients they use.

They formulate premium products that are class-leading and healthy for consumers. The strategy is to work with the body's natural chemistry to develop a healthy long term hair-beard-body routine.

It starts by avoiding the use of silicones which aren't water soluble. Another ingredient on the Beardbrand do not use list are parabens because of the hormone disruptors associated with them. They aim for minimal and gentle cleansing and conditioning, and are adamant about being harmonious with the natural chemistry of the human body to maintain as many natural oils as possible and keep your hair and skin as healthy as possible.

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