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Hanz de Fuko

Hanz de Fuko wanted to create products that spoke to our passion for creative individualism, self-expression, and self-care. They know that looking good coincides with feeling good. But you feel your best when you are true to yourself.

Hanz de Fuko believe in their roots. Their inspiration comes from the venice-based grit that you can only see on the boardwalks of California. This is the birthplace of those that tread the line of dapper, confident, and fearless. But we aren’t all pompadours and throwbacks. They value confidence over condescension.

They concern themselves with what we feed our souls. That’s why Hanz de Fuko made products with natural and organic ingredients. They decided they want to look back at what they've accomplished instead of worrying about the labels. Each of their products is unique like our customers. We hope that Hanz de Fuko will give you the freedom to further explore the style of your inner artist.

No parabens. No sulfates. No regrets.

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