Men's Hair Pomade

Pomades are primarily designed to showcase your hair in a slick, neat manner while providing a high shine finish. Basically, pomades work extremely well for hairstyles that are formed using a comb. Unlike gels, pomades do not dry out or leave your hair hard and crunchy allowing you to style your hair again and again throughout the day. Options for medium to high shine pomades are widely available.

Pomades can be broken down into two major categories, oil-based and water-based. Oil-based pomades are basically grease or petroleum, which makes it a very cheap option compared to water-based pomades.

Water-based pomades on the other hand are a little more user-friendly. They are designed to allow you to achieve similar looks and holds to oil-based pomades, but they wash out easily with water. Most water-based pomades don't hold as firmly as the oil based type, but they maintain flexibility and can be restyled throughout the day.

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