Apothecary 87

Apothecary 87 Unscented Beard Oil


We have worked hard to create The Unscented for you. It is completely scentless, unlike other “fragrance free” products. With a product that is scentless, this allows you to keep that man beard soft, healthy and conditioned, whilst being able to use your favourite fragrance or cologne.

Your man beard will be soft, healthy and conditioned.

Did you know…

Did you know that by massaging the skin, the increased blood flow will help stimulate growth?

Did you know that the moisturising beard oil can go straight to the hair follicle and prevent your pride and joy from growing too brittle?

Being completely scentless allows you to wear your favourite cologne without a conflict in your nose, or you can just choose to go natural and smell like the man you are!

Our beard oils are designed to be light, allowing them to absorb efficiently, and do their work well. This will give your beard a natural feel, whilst smelling and feeling incredible.