Apothecary 87

Apothecary 87 Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil


The Vanilla & MANgo is possibly the manliest scent there is. We took a sweet vanilla and paired it with the manliest fruit around, MANgo, to provide a balanced, sweet yet crisp fragrance.

Your man beard will be soft, healthy and conditioned.

Did you know that by massaging the skin, the increased blood flow will help stimulate growth?

Did you know that as an antioxidant, vanilla essential oil can help protect the body from daily wear and tear which in turn can help your skin and face fuzz stay healthy?

Hey guys! Vanilla also has aphrodisiac properties!

Our beard oils are designed to help keep skin moisturised, which will help reduce irritation, itching and dandruff.

Man-science shows that MANgo is the manliest fruit known to humanity. Balance that with some sweet vanilla, and your beard will become a glorious man beard. Fact.

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