BluMaan Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade

The ‘Fifth Sample’ styling mask pomade is a rather unique “unorthodox” hair pomade that is designed to not only offer you the aspects that a traditional hair pomade is meant to by giving you tight control for styling up a modern pompadour, but it’s been added with an array of ingredients to help condition your hair too.

In terms of styling you will be able to work and re-work it throughout the day, you will be to wash out easily enough just like you can with any good water based pomade. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the nasty aspects of it drying out and your hair starting to crust up.

What makes the Blumaan 5th sample a little different though, is that it has been infused with an array of ingredients to keep your hair strong and healthy (so it will prevent it from turning brittle, prevent it from sun damage and getting dry) - which works as an awesome platform to style your hair from.

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