BluMaan Original Styling Meraki

The latest formulation of the Blumaan Styling meraki ensures for a smoother and creamier application, yet still possess all the awesome benefits of the first.

Original by Blumaan is what they term as a “meraki” a naturally based innovative hair wax formulation that offers a lightweight fibre type texture that offers a solid strong natural hold, that applies a matte type finished texture to your hair.

Primarily it is intended as a pre-styler to offer you “all day” styling control offering heat protectant, however you can use it to define the finishing touches too. To get the best results and produce volume, spread a small amount to quite damp hair and then blow dry it into shape.

In all, it’s a product you’ll love to use, it’s crafted by the consumer for the consume with the guys over at Blumaan understanding exactly what you want from a product and this Original gets it spot on. If you’re a guy after the effortless, casual look - you won’t be disappointed picking up this awesome pot of Meraki.

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