Mariner Jack

Mariner Jack Handmade Beard/Shaving Soap (100g)


It's finally here! For the best part of a year Mariner Jack have been testing, tweaking, making and curing! 

Only the finest butters and oils are included to cleanse and refresh your beard. No harsh chemical or sulphates found in modern shampoos that irritate and dry out the sensitive skin underneath.

Organic shea butter and cocoa butter combine to deliver a serious dose of skin loving vitamins and minerals. Moisturising skin and hair follicles to allow strong and healthy beard growth.

Coconut and olive oil are added to help fight hair frizz and add yet more moisture into the skin. Dry skin under the beard is the leading cause of hair loss so this soap was developed to combat dry skin as well as looking after the hair.

The addition of a mineral rich clay produces just the right amount of 'slip' for a razor. No need to buy separate products, you can clean your beard and tidy at the same time or use this for a full shave.

We line the moulds, chop and grate all the ingredients and mix everything. These soaps are hand made in every sense of the word. 

They are cured in our blending room for a minimum of six weeks to create a hard soap bar, then beautifully finished in a drawstring jute bag. Hand stamped and sealed with our custom made Mariner Jack wax seal.