Percy Nobleman

Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil (50ml)

Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil (50ml)

Percy Nobleman’s Premium Beard Oil is a blend of the finest natural ingredients specially designed for longer beard types. If your beard is over an inch in length and you’re looking for a heavier treatment than other products on the market then this concentrated premium blend is the solution.

The Premium Beard Oil has the consistency of oil with the properties of a leave-in balm and works with your beard as a deep conditioner leaving it softened, tamed and smelling great too!

Application is simple:

Using the dropper, apply an even spread of oil across your beard
- Use your fingers to work the oil evenly into your beard - work from the roots outwards - Start with a little and apply more generously as confidence grows

How do I know if this oil is for me? 

  • Your beard is an inch or more in length

  • Your beard is thick, dry or coarse

  • You’re serious about looking after and maintaining your beard

What if my beard is under an inch in length? 

The Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil can still be used as a once a week treatment for shorter beard types, just make sure you only apply a few drops at first. As your confidence and beard grow then apply more generously.

How does it differ to the Percy Nobleman Original Beard Conditioning Oil?

  • This Premium Blend is a much thicker blend, and for more experienced beadsmen.
  • The bottle is 50ml – A little goes a long way!
  • This bottle is scented, with luxurious woody, masculine sweet vanilla aroma.
  • The bottle is made of glass, and it comes with a dropper instead of a pump.
  • The product has a much higher organic content