Scrubba Travel Towel

The Scrubba™ Travel Towel is the perfect accessory to help your newly cleaned clothes dry. Simply use the Scrubba Travel Towel to partially dry your clothes by rolling the damp clothing in the towel and gently squeeze to transfer moisture.   

With a Scrubba Travel Towel you can:

  • Partially dry clothes that you have washed in your Scrubba Wash Bag or Scrubba Wash Pack
  • Dry off after a shower or at the beach thanks to its large size. 


  • Lightweight at only 170g (6oz.).
  • Fast drying, made from microfiber material
  • Includes a convenient pouch for compact storage.

Product Specifications:

170g (6oz.)

137cm x 64cm (when laid flat) - 54" x 25"
or 14cm x 7cm (when rolled for storage) - 5.5" x 2.7"